Steven Herrmann


Photography, 2008. 

Contact Information
Steven Herrmann, PhD, MFT
2220 Mountain Blvd. #240
Oakland, California

(510) 531-2534

    Are you experiencing dissatisfaction with your current job? Is your job causing you distress, depression, and excess anxiety? Is unhappiness with your job affecting your attitude, health, relationships, and sense of well-being? Then I can be of help to you. I have been specializing in the area of vocational development for over thirty-two years. As an MFT and Jungian oriented depth psychotherapist, vocation, right livelihood, and the resolution of spiritual conflicts, through attitudinal changes and meaningful work, is one of my specialties. I provide a safe and confidential space for you to transform suffering into meaning and joy.

     In addition to early adult career transitions and mid-life vocational issues, I also specialize with couples, LGBT patients, dream work, active imagination, sand tray therapy, and I work with children between ages 4-12 and see adolescents too. I have been an adult & child psychotherapist for over 25 years.

     I am a Jungian depth-psychotherapist, teacher, and a published writer of three books & over thirty professional papers. I work with vocational dreams, mid-life transformations, anxiety and depression, stress, substance abuse, addictions, men and women patients, relationship issues, spiritual problems, aging, illness, marital conflicts, divorce, and same-sex couples.








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